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Millions of root canals are carried out each and every year.  When the nerve of a tooth becomes infected or abscessed due to decay, a crack or even trauma, a Root Canal Carrollton may be the best way to preserve the tooth.

The living portion of a tooth is composed of nerves and blood vessels.  It is enclosed in the pulp chamber of the tooth, which is a space found inside the center of the tooth.

The pulp extends into the roots, and it becomes infected or dies for a variety of reasons:

  • Deep fillings — fillings that were placed in close proximity to the pulp chamber because of tooth decay or even a tooth fracture

  • Decay — bacteria resulting in tooth decay infects the pulp.

  • Trauma — a traumatic injury may cause inflammation of the pulp.

  • Inexplicable — sometimes the pulp can become inflamed and can die for no visible reason.

Symptoms of a tooth that may need a root canal:

  • Prolonged sensitivity or even pain to hot or cold temperatures, which can be a throbbing feeling.

  • Toothache pain so extreme it awakens you while sleeping.

  • Pain when biting or chewing.

  • Discoloration of the tooth.

  • Swelling and tenderness on the affected or nearby gums that when pressed may have blood or pus discharge.

  • Pain that commences in one tooth and propagates to other areas of the jaw or even the head.

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